What is 'health data'?

Traditionally, the term refers to information collected about patients in clinical and diagnostic settings. However, new technologies are expanding the kinds of data that might now be considered to be relevant to one’s health.

Examples of health data

How is digital health data used?

Digital networks enable data that is collected locally to be instantly shared and replicated. Data can readily be transferred to other locations and used for a variety of purposes by different individuals or organisations.

Potential uses of health data

What will this research investigate?

The benefits of using data must be weighed against the risks posed by its misuse. We are investigating the level of risk  individuals are willing to accept when it comes to sharing their health data and how the flow of health data should be controlled.

More about the research aims

How will we do this?

Our work has 2 main components: desk based research and stakeholder consultation. As data providers, members of the public are one of our main stakeholder groups. We will also explore the views of experts from healthcare, research and commerce.

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